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[[Nursing theory in the ICU: a program to teach at work]. The program consists of thirty lessons and is aimed at improving nursing care, in particular, in the ICU. The objective was to enhance, using a constant theoretical-didactic method, the nursing competences of the students who participated in the course. To this end, an educational group was created at the Clinics Hospital, University of Granada. To describe the program that was developed and the group that was created. The results obtained in terms of nursing competences were assessed, after the course, using the Critical Elements Evaluation (EAC) test. The analysis of the results obtained in the group showed that there was an increase in the score from the T0 (the first evaluation, before the beginning of the course) to T1 (three months after the beginning of the course), which remained the same between T1 and T2 (six months after the beginning of the course), with a significant improvement after T3 (eight months after the beginning of the course) compared with T0. A significant improvement in nursing competence was observed, beginning with the evaluation of the first session and extending to the last. This improvement was evident in the five areas assessed (acute, holistic, technical, critical and professional) and in the six items assessed in each area (nursing record, patient care, the environment, leadership, teamwork, and nursing education). A program for teaching nursing at work (program to teach at work) in the ICU was developed and implemented with the intention of improving nursing care. An educational group was created to make it possible to teach in the ICU and to improve the nursing care provided.Q: WooCommerce Remove shipping per user I am trying to get a users shipping cost out of WooCommerce. The code i have is this: get_id(); $user = get_user_by( 'id', $user_id ); $shipping = $user->shipping_firstname.' '.$user->shipping_lastname.' '.$user->shipping_company; echo $shipping; ?> This displays the first and last name of the shipping company but I also need to remove it from




Gravity 1080p Yify English Subtitle wonygab

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