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About AHC

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

Art Curator

Art Historian

Your Benefits


PROFILE  Art Historian - Curator - Art Critic - Lecturer.
MISSION  We connect visual artists, art collectors and the public audience. Locally and globally.
EXPERIENCE Development and Concept Creation of Art Projects, Values, Strategies, Sustainable Art Solutions.
CLIENTS, PARTNERS Art Foundations, Art Initiatives, Hospitality, City Communities, Tourism Boards, Public Schools, Colleges, Universities
VISION Facing The Future



AHC Office - Art Consultancy since 2004

Art History Consulting (AHC) has been founded by the art historian Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund to connect visual artists, art spaces and collectors. AHC Office is based in Hamburg (Germany), providing art expertise and consultancy services for clients in Europe, Asia, and the US.


Values & Vision

Art History Consulting is committed supporting an ongoing intellectual dialogue with emerging and mid-career visual artists. We stand by the creative minds of every ethnicity and nationality.




Curated exhibitions/outdoor art projects

The art historian and independent curator organizes art exhibitions with a strong emphasis on cultural exchange & outdoor art projects.

To promote upcoming artists AHC PROJECTS Gallery exhibits original paintings and sculptures in the temporary gallery showroom, at art spaces, and international art fairs (Hamburg, Hong Kong, Miami). AHC PROJECTS Gallery maintains an active roster of artists, many of whose works are included in leading public and private collections.

Conceptual curatorial models

Focused on conceptual curatorial models, ahc concepts are projecting into the future, slicing through junctures of technology, environment, identity and community.


​​Educational Background - Focus on Sculpture

Born in Zurich (Switzerland), Barbara studied Art History at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (Germany), University for Foreigners Perugia (Italy) and London Guildhall University (UK). Study and working experiences at The Henry Moore Foundation (UK) and Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (Canada). In 2002 she earned her Ph.D. from Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel with a dissertation on the British sculptor Henry Moore. 

​​​Art Critic Publications

As an art critic and accreditated Art Basel Journalist Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund contributed essays to exhibition catalogues and has written reviews and features in German (native language), English, French, Italian for publications such as Goethe Institute Inc., Umberto Allemandi & C. (Torino), Artfix Daily-Curated Art World News, Art Slant Magazine (NY), Asia Today, Sculpture Pacific Magazine (Vancouver), Design Amid (Milano), among others.


Social and Cultural Engagement

As President of the Women Artists Association GEDOK, she cared about more than 200 members in the sections visual arts, applied arts, literature, and music. Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund is also engaged in Selection Committees and Jury Boards (Ministry of Culture Hamburg, Global Fine Arts Award Miami/Miami Dade College, Breckwoldt Foundation Hamburg, Biennale Florence). To support educational programs for senior students, she lectured Art History/Modern Art at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.


Benefits & Reasons to Work together

  1. Learn how to promote, market, and sell your artwork

  2. Lots of event and commission opportunities

  3. We help you with your creative process

  4. Access to events and networking opportunities 

  5. Exhibit your work in our curated group shows and exhibitions organized with our international partners

  6. We are based in Hamburg, Germany but working globally, involved in art projects in Miami and Hong Kong

  7.  Over 20 years of experience in the art scene...and still learning


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