Site specific sculpture Genius Loci by Ole Terslose

Copyright Ole Terslose, Genius Loci, airbrushed 3d-print, 91x 81x 160 cm

Ole Terslose, participating artist at the exhibition GENIUS LOCI - About the (good) Spirit of the Space, arrived from Denmark to install his series Flower Children and the new sculpture titled Genius Loci. The show, curated by Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, is running from September 10 to October 15, 2017.

Ole has some thoughts about the sculpture that has been made especially for the exhibition:

The sculpture is inspired of Barbara's thoughts about the difficulties of finding a genius loci today in our globalized everchanging world, where physical spaces only play a minor role, becauce we live and act in a cyberspace "reality" instead.

The boy representing the genius loci is only to some degree physically presents in the room. He is meditating and so he mentally could be anywhere else. He sits on a leaf that easely could be swept away - maybe by the "wind of change". The Genius Loci has become "homeless", but his leaf vessel makes sure he can easily find his way to other places and maybe other dimensions, if nessecary...

Copyright Ole Terslose, Genius Loci, airbrushed 3d-print, 91x 81x 160 cm




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