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Congrats to Karimah Ashadu!

Hamburg – The Breckwoldt Foundation is pleased to announce the artist selected for the Edith-Breckwoldt-Artist-in-Residency in Hamburg, the award-winning artist, Karimah Ashadu, specialising in the moving image, who will complete a 2 year - long residency at FRISE artists house complex (2018 - 2020). The residency project is a collaboration between The Breckwoldt Foundation, FRISE artists house complex and Ministry of Culture Hamburg.

Copyright Karimah Ashadu, RED GOLD 2016, Film still, woman scoops

About her concept Karimah Ashadu explains, "my aim is to engage wider international audiences with the distinct perspective of my multi-cultural outlook; being British/ African

based in Germany, providing a unique insight into the contemporary zeitgeist of the African continent."

“At The Breckwoldt Foundation Hamburg, we gather leading minds, allowing residents to focus on their work, think freely, and share their diverse perspectives with one another, creating a stimulating intellectual experience,” said Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, art curator at The Breckwoldt Foundation. “We are excited to announce the selection of Karimah Ashadu who is a visionaire in her profession, like the founders of The Breckwoldt Foundation."



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