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How to catch a fish? "A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling" has been published first in 1787. Since climatic change perspectives on nature and human waste are shifting. What is the future like? Through the focus on consumerist culture, Ole Terslose's new project CATCH investigates how humans and nature, as mutually symbiotic agencies, represent and construct each other.

The Danish artist Ole Terslose, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, is a great storyteller. His protagonists are struggling with red (bloody?) water or riding on giant earthworms.The result looks like compositions alluding to alien life forms.

Roles are changing when the hunter becomes the hunted.

On view, June 27 to August 30, 2020, at Klaus Højbjerg & Janus Simmelsgaard.

Copyrights Ole Terslose, 2020, CATCH, 4/7, Child Struggling With Red Water,

110 x 137,5 cm, Inkjetprint on Elliptical Glass



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