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West Wind & Dancing Dunes

Copyright Carole Kohler, 2019, TIDE, Mixed Media on Canvas, Kelp in Acrylic, 102x80x2,5 cm

The Swiss artist, who is living and working in Lommiswil, Solothurn is featuring a series of "Nordic Feeling" artworks, among them paintings, objects and augmented reality videos (via Artivive app). The works have been created during Carole's artist-in-residency at The Kirsten-Kjaer Museum in Denmark.

The exhibition project intends to help visitors connect to the themes of the exhibition in playful, intuitive way, while also encouraging them to see their everyday surroundings in a new light.

Carole Kohler's work also serves as a reminder that artists have always been interested in breaking down the boundaries between natural and artificial realities, anticipating much of the work in augmented reality today. Nordic Feeling Video.



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